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Chain of luxurious, classy restaurants, specializing in serving European – Asian dishes:

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Sai Gon-Ban Gioc Restaurant

With an area of ​​140m2 and a capacity of about 200 guests, the restaurant is always ready to serve Asian and European dishes (menu and A La Carte) and local ethnic dishes. In addition, the restaurant also has a bar area serving wine and drinks.

With a beautiful, warm architectural space and enthusiastic, thoughtful service attitude of enthusiastic staff, we are confident that you will have wonderful moments with your relatives and family.


Sausage are made from spiced marinated meat, honey and a little white wine, some ginger and little dried honey. Especially, dried on the kitchen smoke for many days, the ribs are very chewy and firm, delicious

Khau nhuc

Lying khau – stewed pork belly stewed with water, also known as “Khau nhuc”, “Khau nhuc” is a traditional dish of the Tay and Nung Cao Bang, which is popularly used in holidays, New Year, weddings .. Each locality has a different way of processing, but each has its own characteristics of mountainous people.

Roasted duck 7 flavors

Marinated to 7 spices and processed in the Tay’s own way, 7 flavors of roasted duck bring a strange and attractive flavor, eye-catching with the golden color of forest honey and imbued with the sweetness of meat on the tip of the tongue.

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