13 May, 2020

5 reasons why you absolutely must go to Ban Gioc Cao Bang waterfall

In the past, when talking about Cao Bang, people often remembered Pac Bo National Monument. However, the following 5 reasons will surely inspire travelers to take their backpacks on their way to the magnificent waterfall called Ban Gioc.

Ban Gioc waterfall – endless epic poem in the mountains


Peace in Ban Gioc waterfall (photo: collectibles)

Ban Gioc Waterfall in Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District is a famous tourist attraction in Cao Bang Province. Ban Gioc Waterfall consists of the main waterfall and the secondary waterfall, the main waterfall is located between the Vietnam – China border, the secondary waterfall is entirely within Vietnam. This waterfall is a masterpiece of the Que Son River when the gentle stream suddenly falls from a height of over 50m into a white plate creating an impressive highlight for a majestic mountainous region.

Seen from above, Ban Gioc waterfall is like a smooth, soft white silk sheet winding among the immense green of the mountains and forests of the remote border. The amount of water in the waterfall varies significantly between the rainy season (around May to November) and the dry season (December to April next year). In the rainy season, a large amount of water, many fresh blocks of water rush from the top of the rocks, tiny droplets of bubbles flying like mist to cover a large area. Just like, Ban Gioc waterfall stands in the middle of the clouds in the border of the border, playing an epic epic throughout the night. Standing in front of the waterfall, visitors can only marvel, bewildered by its majestic and intense beauty. In the dry season, at the foot of Ban Gioc waterfall is a wide, green and peaceful river surface. At this moment, its peaceful rhythm seems to dispel every entanglement of daily life, awakening beautiful emotions in each person’s heart.

With these beauties, Ban Gioc waterfall is one of the top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world, considered as the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia and the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam. Ban Gioc Waterfall is a masterpiece that nature has bestowed on Cao Bang in particular and Vietnam in general.

Experience extreme sports on the Que Son stream

Chèo thuyền kayak trên sông Quây Sơn (ảnh: Hồng Lục)

Besides visiting Ban Gioc waterfall, visitors can also experience sailing on the Que Son River. For those who love adventure sports, exploring the Que Son stream by kayak is an interesting option. Here, the kayak will accompany you through many types of terrain: The river when winding with rapids, white foam waterfall, smooth and calm at once … Visitors are free in the sunny space. , wind; Clouds float, hovering high, under the boat, the water is cool and blue, the banks are charming and poetic scenery, in the front are exciting destinations waiting for visitors to explore. There is nothing more than to try yourself with the exciting race on the river, to travel with the water in a sense of freedom and liberty.

Lạc vào mê cung kỳ diệu – động Ngườm Ngao

After visiting Ban Gioc waterfall, sailing on the Que Son River, continue the journey to Nguom Ngao cave. Nguom Ngao Cave is known as one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam, recognized as a national beauty spot in 1998.

 Đài sen đá (ảnh: Văn Học)

3km from Ban Gioc waterfall, with a length of over 2,000m, Nguom Ngao cave grows in limestone containing many fossils and lakes, formed in ancient waters about 400 million years ago. This mysterious cave takes us to a magical world of: various stalactite stalactites, gold waterfall, silver waterfall, inverted lotus, sky pillar, terraced fields … all create a space. fanciful time, enough to satisfy the rich imagination of visitors. It is the accidental arrangement of the natural world that evokes many interesting associations of each person when visiting the cave. Running along the line of thinking, contemplating the marvelous wonder of creation makes us seem to be lost in a magical maze to forget the way back.

Tận hưởng dịch vụ nghỉ dưỡng cao cấp giữa đại ngàn

Resort Sài Gòn – Bản Giốc từ trên cao

After a fascinating excursion, visitors can enjoy high-class accommodation between green nature and fresh air at Saigon – Ban Gioc Resort. This is the first high-class resort in Cao Bang. The resort is luxuriously designed, modern style, in harmony with the natural landscape and unique culture of indigenous ethnic minorities. Especially in addition to European and Asian dishes, the resort also serves local specialties.

Resort Sài Gòn – Bản Giốc ngày nắng lên

Trải nghiệm văn hóa bản địa ở xứ sở thần tiên

Ban Gioc waterfall tourist resort is located in the Eastern experience line of the UNESCO Global Geophysical Park Cao Bang. Therefore, this place is not only attractive by the magnificent natural landscape but also attracts visitors thanks to the unique indigenous cultural experiences such as: visiting the village, participating in the typical activities of Tay and Nung communities; listen to legendary stories about the formation of landmarks, customs and traditions …; to enjoy the sweet, deep Then, hand in hand dancing beside the flickering fire; Enjoy the rich cuisine, rich flavor of the young region of Cao Bang …

Du khách thưởng thức văn nghệ dân gian (ảnh: Xuân Quỳnh)

Believing that coming to this place, visitors will have experiences that are hard to find in the local culture, about the warm affection and hospitality of honest and honest people, about the rustic and peaceful life. the average of a border region of the country.

Ban Gioc Waterfall is definitely worth your time to visit the experience when traveling to the country “white rice with clear water”. After the trip, each visitor will have his own feelings, but in the return baggage you will find your soul calm and peaceful; more will love the landscapes of the country, more love the rustic people, simple highland.


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