13 December, 2019

Folksongs of the Tay ething group

Each ethnic group, each locality in Cao Bang has its own specific forms of folk art. The most unique among the folk songs must be the Then – Tinh singing, a form of living with an important position in the beliefs of the Tày people.

Then singing and the guitar originated from the collective working life of the ancient Tay community. Then can be understood as Thien, meaning Heaven, so the song then was considered by the Tay to be a song of a fairy.

Then singing is not only a folk song, it also sums up many other arts and customs such as dance, guitar and love. At first, there was only one accompanist, mouth singing, and foot chopping music. It is the lyrics of the song, which harmonizes in the rhythm of the guitar, and the sound of biting, picking up will take Ms. Then, Mr. Then, representing the community, to Muong Heaven to pray for favorable rain and wind, fresh crops well, humans and all things proliferate …

Speaking of singing then could not help but mention the gender and vice versa. Gender is a unique Tay musical instrument with sweet, smooth and warm sound. The sound of the piano and the song then reflect the emotional feelings of both the player and the listener, and have a magical appeal, creating a sense of uneasiness and attachment. The box is made of potting covers, the face is made of wood, the handle is made of wood of mulberry or mulberry tree.

The then lyrics are the words that have been refined by the people, they are both lyrical and rich poems, as well as advice, encouragement, and experiences about how to treat people … So listening to singing Then you will have valuable lessons about life, about dealing with nature and the people around you.

Then singing in Cao Bằng is characterized by the people’s character. People sing in the holidays, weddings, in cultural activities, men and women many people know how to play and sing very skillfully. Then singing has become an important demand for the spiritual life of the Tay and Nung ethnic groups in Cao Bang.

Gender – the Then singing gathers, unites all members of the community, bringing them closer together. Gender – the Then singing not only carries the pure folk value of the Tày people, but is also a treasure of Vietnamese cultural heritage in general about the rules of performance, festivals, legends, traditions, and traditions. theory, about the ancestral village …

Đánh giá

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